Consulting Services

We are your strategic partner with hands-on,
on-demand consulting services

You know how to run your business and run it profitably. You know what it takes to stay ahead of your competition. Yet, you also know that it would be nice to have some independent advisors that you could rely on from time to time, such as when:

  • The bank wants to renew your loan, but it would like to see a 3-year written business plan with financial projections first. Who knows how to prepare that?
  • Your staff accountant is telling you that the company is outgrowing its software, but has no recommendations for what is needed. How do you compare alternatives?
  • A vendor is calling to inform you of skipped invoices and is openly wondering if your workers at the loading dock are properly signing for all goods received and making sure they get to the right place. How do you make sure that these employees are doing their jobs properly?
  • A friend of yours told you during a round of golf that you should consider converting your corporation into an LLC. What are the advantages of that?

Franklin & Vaughn, LLC offers on-demand Controller/CFO-level expertise for a limitless number of consulting matters to small and mid-sized businesses. By working directly with you and your team and becoming your “hands-on” strategic partner, we will help you create value, build wealth and enjoy even greater success.


Examples of Consulting Services Provided

  • Advisor for Strategic and Financial Planning & Decision-Making
  • Business Plan Research, Preparation & Presentations
  • Accounting Staff Training & Development
  • Accounting Software Implementation and Assistance
  • Design and Implementation of Internal Control Systems
  • Personal Financial Statements and Cash Management Planning
{“Franklin & Vaughn, LLC’s partnership with our church provides the comfort and assurance of knowing that our accounting records are timely and accurate to help us make important strategic decisions.”
Scott Lollar
Treasurer, Providence Presbyterian Church, Edwardsville, IL
{“We began a partnership with Franklin & Vaughn, LLC shortly after we started in business. As our company has grown, they have been able to provide us all the additional services that we need, from payroll consultation to tax advice to general business planning.”
Stephen Jones
Principal, Jones Elder Law, East Alton, IL