Why choose Franklin & Vaughn, LLC?

With thirty-five years of combined experience in both public accounting and private industry, Nathan Franklin and Mark Vaughn have a unique perspective on the many challenges facing small and mid-sized businesses.

Have you ever:

  • tried to figure out on a Tuesday how you were going to come up with enough cash to pay your employees on Friday?
  • wished you could speed up the collections of receivables from some of your biggest customers?
  • thought about how to approach the bank to ask for a temporary loan to make it through the next month, because you just know that your business is about to take off, but you need a little help to get through a rough patch first?
  • heard about a new change in the tax law and been concerned about how it might affect you or your business?
  • been unsure about whether to buy a new piece of equipment, or hire a new employee, or open a new branch office, because you believe intuitively that you probably should, but you cannot calculate for certain whether or not it would ever pay off?

Nathan Franklin and Mark Vaughn have been in all of these situations before, both as advisors to their clients while in public accounting and as agents for the companies they represented while in private industry. Their ability to combine the best practices from all of their past experiences with their knowledge and skills as CPAs is the Franklin & Vaughn, LLC competitive advantage, and this is why Franklin & Vaughn, LLC is a bold, innovative alternative to traditional CPA firms and will become your “hands-on” strategic partner by working directly with you to create value, build wealth and enjoy success.

{“Nathan and Mark’s expertise on my team during the acquisition of my company saved me money and allowed for a smooth ownership transition. They have been invaluable in helping me understand the financial position of my company, which allows me to make strategic and operational decisions.”
Sue Schmidt
Eberhart Sign & Lighting, Edwardsville, IL
{“My past work with Nathan and Mark has shown they understand the business and tax ramifications of business transactions of all sizes and how to effectively structure the transaction for the client’s short and long-term benefit. They are true business partners and continually add value to their clients’ ventures.”
Michael S. Thiessen
Owner, The Madison Group, Ltd., Chicago, IL